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I'm also including (2) tickets to my 3-day Maverick Success Live Event. This is my premier event I hold 5 times throughout the year where you will get the chance to see as an attendee all of the information I am teaching you put into action by me and my team who have over 50 years of event experience.

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Nancy Matthews, Co-Founder, Women's Prosperity Network International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Global Leader

“If you want to increase your event sales and have a cohesive and powerful sales team, Paul Finck should be your mentor. He guided me to create the proper sequencing and positioning of my offer from stage, coached me on what to say on stage, and coached my team in handling the enrollment conversations for our high ticket ($15,000) program. After 14 years of selling on stage, we saw a 20% increase in sales in our very next event as a result of our work with Paul. Thank you Paul -- the methods you taught are now being carried into all our events, and we are experiencing better results and profits than ever before.” Nancy Matthews, Co-Founder, Women's Prosperity Network International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Global Leader

Immediate 20% increase in event sales after a couple phone calls with Paul Finck Do you want more clients, more sales, and bottom line more profits? Consider how you can implement The Top 5 Keys to Creating Bootcamp Abundance! I have been creating $10,000 per head in my events and would love to help you create the same in yours.

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How To Create Your High-End Programs
Identifying And Building The Perfect Strategic Partners
The Perfect Layout And Design Of Your Room
How To Build An Effective Message From Stage
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Verbal Magic On And Off The Stage

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